May 2020


Dear Friends,

In light of the adventure that all of us are undertaking at the present time, we (Laurie and Jenn) know that it is an unrealistic expectation for us to be able to gather, as was planned, at the Westtown Meetinghouse in Westtown, Pennsylvania on Sunday, June 28th to remember and celebrate the life of our mother, Anna Jane. Friends and family from various parts of the US and Europe had hoped to share a memory, a story, and a hug on this day…as a group, all together, in person.


As Mom often said, “Every day is a new adventure!”  She left us on February 14th just weeks before the ultimate manifestation of this saying could be known to any of us.  We wonder what she might be saying now – what wisdom she might impart, what silver lining she might find in the gravity of what has befallen us, what actions her constant concern for others might spur.  This we will have to imagine.  


We are living in a new time, quite literally in a new world, where “being together” has a new meaning.  Since it is not possible for us to sit together at the Meetinghouse for a time of reflection, our family would like to honor Mom’s memory on the 28th of June in a slightly different way.  For those who would like to participate, we ask that on Sunday, June 28 you take a simple walk…long or short, inside or out, alone or with a loved one.  We hope you will take a few moments on your stroll to think of AJ and how she may have impacted your life. 


If you would like, within the week following June 28th, please send to us (through email or cell phone) a photograph or two from your walk.  The photo could be of anything you choose; a selfie would be great!  We hope, in addition, you will email us a written thought or memory of something about Mom that made you smile in the past.  We would love to hear from you.  Her grandchildren, especially, will cherish these wonderful treasures, no matter how simple, that you choose to contribute.  Subsequently, the two of us will compile all of the pictures and written messages that come from “AJ’s Village” into a virtual scrapbook that we will share with you. 


There is one special thing we have learned, quite profoundly, from Mom over the years.  Around every corner there truly is an adventure just waiting to happen.  Whether it is good or bad, making something meaningful from that adventure is what defines each of us.   


May our social distancing inspire us to be closer than ever before.  Mom would be “all in.”  This we know for sure.  We send you our heartfelt thanks for the support and friendship that you gave our dear mother.  She was so tremendously grateful for your love, as are we.  


We hope that you are well in this challenging and unprecedented time.  


Love and hugs,

Laurie and Jenn 


PS  With Laurie living in Houston and Jenn living in Barcelona, we would be so appreciative if you would email both of us with your messages and pictures (hessefamily@comcast.net and jvkrebs@aol.com) as we will be working on this scrapbook of memories “together from afar.”  If you prefer to send your photos via text, Laurie’s number is 281-732-1382.  Thank you.

Meeting House.JPG

Westtown Meetinghouse, Westtown, Pennsylvania


Mother and Dad's ashes will be buried on the Michael Family plot at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, Maryland in the near future.

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