Remembering Anna Jane....

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" A.J. Can you come out to play? We'll get a wagon and go pick up apples in the Clapp's backyard and then sell them back to old Mrs. Clapp at her front door."  She was too grumpy to ever go along with two little budding 4 and 5-year-old capitalists.


My first recollection of Anna Jane was our tea parties served by her mother in her backyard garden. They were such a success that on other days we would create our own, sipping Jergens Lotion from our cups while conversing about the behavior of our dolls.


Several years later we sat cross legged on her bed facing the wall and stuck keys into the plaster pretending we were driving cars to who knows where. Then we would turn around, slip into her mother's size 4 high heels, pick up an old pocketbook, and off we'd go to another pretend adventure.


Rockwell Terrace was a wonderful neighborhood to grow up in with lots of girls our age. Mrs. Stickell created the Busy Bee Club to keep us busy and out of trouble. Anne, Dotty, Tish, AJ and I spent many hours together weaving potholders, giving plays, carving turkeys out of bars of soap and entertaining returning service men from the war. I especially remember the invitation to Walker Jollif, the Stickells' neighbor, whom we invited to come and tell us "war stories" after which we presented him with a subscription, to the Readers Digest.  We also entertained Eleanor Gambrill, the most beautiful young lady in our neighborhood, at a shower, prior to her marriage to a most handsome Frederick young man.


As the years passed we kept in touch. Our last two visits were especially wonderful as my husband, Bill, had grown to also be very fond of AJ.


Now we all have our own special memories of a dear friend to keep surrounded by our love.




Let me add my 2 cents... I loved AJ's and my "Tortoise and the Hare" bicycle trip from Northampton to Amherst...Guess who was always following me at a steady pace no matter how fast or far I went.


God bless her memory.


Bill Rogers (HARE)

Bill and Anne Carty Rogers

Williamsburg, Virginia

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Planning our bike trip with Anna Jane from Northampton to Amherst