Remembering Anna Jane....

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Dear Laurie and Jenn,

I have just been out walking and thinking of my dear friend, AJ. I have attached 3 photos which are meaningful for me.


Firstly, the lovely house in Florence.

I stayed there twice and felt at home

and very peaceful in this gorgeous spot.

By coincidence I was there for both the

last general elections, watching with

delight the victory for Obama and with

horror and distress the election of Trump.

For Obama we raided the liquor cupboard

to celebrate and for Trump we trudged off

to bed feeling disbelief. I shall definitely be

thinking of Anna Jane in November.


My introduction to American elections was in August/September 1960 just before JFK was elected. I was staying in Frederick with the Stickell family and remember vividly being amazed at the razzamattaz and carnival atmosphere of the party conventions. Having lived in England all my life where there is little excitement associated with politics and a traditionally British reserved approach to most things, I was enchanted by the “over the top” enthusiasm and the whole show. Living now in Australia I watch American politics (via CNN, sorry Fox followers!) And shall definitely be viewing this year. 60 years later!


The next photo is of a West Australian red flowering gum tree. I think I must have given AJ a calendar with Australian flowers and talked to her about how different most of them are, especially the indigenous ones.















I stood under this tree this morning thinking of her beautiful garden among the tall trees.

The third photo is of AJ and me in Nantucket.

I can’t remember which year it was that

my husband and I stayed with Anna Jane

and Warren in their heritage house. They

showed us the sights of Nantucket and of

course we fell in love with it.   When we

arrived I remember standing on the ferry

looking down and seeing Anna Jane looking

just the same, except for her hair colour!

Still the same style as in 1960!




Anna Jane was one of those people whose memory you cherish and I shall certainly do so for the rest of my life. You had a wonderful mother and I had a wonderful friend.


With love,


Barbara Wilkins Godwin

Wembley Downs, Western Australia

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