Remembering Anna Jane....


As we struggle with the loss of our dear beloved friend, we can only imagine the loss you and your families are experiencing.  Especially in light of the coronavirus, and all the political upheaval….. Her relentless optimism and enthusiasm are truly missed.  



There is no other way to say it, and this, in no way is an understatement.  Anna Jane was special.  























Our time with Anna Jane was nothing short of winning the lottery.  We will forever treasure those memories. Anna Jane had an immeasurable impact on those she loved.  


Our hearts are full.  



Patty, David & Rider Bishop

Florence, Massachusetts

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Patty and AJ.jpg

We consider ourselves extremely lucky for our paths to have serendipitously crossed years ago.  Anna Jane introduced herself to us, her neighbors, with (of course) fresh baked goods. After discovering that we were both knitters, a wonderful friendship developed.  Our weekly get-togethers (mostly in her knitting room) were under the guise of knitting, but more frequently than not, we spent time catching each other up on life, family & local/national politics.  Anna Jane quickly became part of our family.  Joining David, Rider and myself for neighborhood celebrations, shared meals during neighborhood power outages, family orchestra concerts, karate belt testing, grand “friend” day at Williston, and numerous other events.