Remembering Anna Jane....

Dear Laurie and Jenn,


We're sorry we have no pictures to send of our walk on June 28th, but we make up for that in memories... and when it comes to that, the most important memory takes us all the way back to the beginning when we first got to know your Mom and Dad.  All the way back to Westtown, to Stone House when you were a baby, Laurie--- and Jenn,  we hadn't met you yet. Even then, or maybe, especially then, your Dad came up with clever and fun "ideas" while your Mom enjoyed and had a special knack for matchmaking. Bruce and I were just a couple of innocent bystanders in love. 


We spent a lot of time in  their apartment in Stone House, mostly laughing, gossiping, drinking cup after cup of tea, watching your Dad paint, and late at night , after dorm duty,  enjoying the wonderful snacks your Mom would prepare.  There wasn't a time your Dad  wouldn't exclaim," Anna Jane, this is delicious!" after the first bite.  And so we observed them, your Mom and Dad, in their relationship and in their marriage and the more we observed, the more we wanted to be like them.  We admired their devotion, how they balanced and supported one another, how deeply and lovingly they talked about you, Laurie, and how they looked forward to you, Jenn. Your Mom was the nurturer that I admired  and from whom I learned, just as I'm sure you did as well. So yes, we did get married, thanks to Your Mom and Dad in more ways than you can imagine, and believe it or not, we're still together after 54 years!


This is sent with lots of love to you, Laurie and Jenn,

Bruce and Zinta, (aka Uncle Bruce and Ta Ta)


Bruce and Zinta Smith

West Chester, Pennsylvania

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