Remembering Anna Jane....

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I feel fortunate to have shared many special moments with Anna Jane, including an evening at Tanglewood with James Taylor over the Fourth, and a New York visit to see Westtown graduate Holland Taylor in a play with Laurie and AJ. 


One of the highlights was an epic trip to Wales, where Anna Jane and my mom, Joy, made a pilgrimage to one of their favorite yarn shops, Colinette. The two women were like two little girls in a candy shop, their knitting heaven! We toured where they spin and dye the yarn in a stone factory connected to a storefront. Anna Jane and Joy spent hours gazing at all of the beautiful color combinations. After a day of knitting chat and picking out a select group of yarn to bring home, we enjoyed a local meal in our inn, with a few scrumptious orders of the local Welsh Rarebit. 


Having a meal with Anna Jane was always a delight, especially in Northampton. From the wonderful conversations at the table about everything from politics to her days as a young teacher at Westtown to Anna Jane’s warm and comforting cooking, it was always a lovely experience. I can’t forget that delicious Apple Dutch Baby she whipped up for us one morning.  


I have included below a photo of a treasured gift in Anna Jane’s house that I have always loved, because it truly captures the enthusiasm and joy of her spirit.  The “Super Fan,” which she kept on her kitchen windowsill, was given to her by a young, dear friend (a Westonian, in fact) to thank Anna Jane for her constant support during her college years in the Pioneer Valley.  Regardless of our age, AJ was always behind us a hundred percent, encouraging us to find our passion and live our life to the fullest!  She was our biggest fan.    


Anna Jane was such a wonderful friend to my mother. It was a friendship so genuine and enjoyable for the two of them. In searching for some photos of said trip above, I came across emails from Anna Jane, one of them saying, “I can hardly wait to see your mother and knit away.” 


As Anna Jane would often say “love and hugs to you,” I send love and hugs to our dear Anna Jane and to all who loved her and felt the warmth of her love!


Christina Dittmann

Denver, Colorado

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James Taylor at Tanglewood

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Seeing Westtown Grad Holland Taylor in Ann Richard’s Play

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“Super Fan”

Joy and AJ in Wales

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