Remembering Anna Jane....

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 Anna Jane was such a fun person to be with, as she kept us laughing---a lot. Her laughter was infectious. She always seemed to make the people and things around her easier, better or happier.


I was so glad to see Anna Jane at the Frederick High School, class of '56, 80th birthday party. It must have been quite a struggle for her, but with the help of her daughter, Laurie, and her great enthusiasm and perseverance, Anna Jane made it to Maryland. Her face glowed when talking with classmates whom she had not seen in a long time. It was good that she could share stories and hugs with old friends once more.


You fought a hard battle, AJ. I am so sorry that you are no longer with us, but your warmth and laughter will remain with us.  Good bye.


Connie Fleet Burger

Cincinnati, Ohio

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