Remembering Anna Jane....

Debbie and Steve.jpg

Dear Laurie and Jenn,


Your remembrance website is absolutely beautiful and is the perfect thing for such a wonderful person as your mom.  Your mom had so much love in her and always had the ability to make every person feel special.  We have so many memories of your mom, especially on the beach in Nantucket.  It was so obvious how much she loved you both and you husbands and all of her grandchildren!


For our “Anna Jane Walk,” Steve and I headed to an area on our property which we call "The Grill".  It is a beautiful, almost enchanted spot at the edge of the woods, that has a brick patio.  We have some beautiful hydrangeas planted in the middle of the patio, which were in full bloom.  It seemed an appropriate spot to sit and think of your mom.


Lots of love,

Debbie and Steve  (and all the Novaks)


Steve, Debbie, Sean, Jeffrey, Kate and Timmy Novak

West Chester, Pennsylvania