Remembering Anna Jane....

On June 28th Robert and I went for a walk in the grounds surrounding our apartment here in Sidmouth. I took several photos of flowers, but later that day I had an alternative idea.

For some time I have been wanting to get a certain plant to put in a pot on our balcony. So I ordered it that day, on-line, and it arrived on June 30th. It should produce lovely flowers for cutting, and I thought it would be nice to have it in memory of Anna Jane. Something that will last and give pleasure. I have included a picture below.










I have also sent two reunion photos taken at Anna Jane’s last visit to the U.K. in April 2012.  She stayed with Elizabeth in Malvern, and Robert and I stayed at a hotel nearby. We met at an Italian restaurant on the Saturday evening, and then at our hotel for Sunday lunch. I had not seen your Mom for 52 years (not sure when Elizabeth had last seen her, not for many, many years though) but it was incredible . It was as if we’d only met up a few weeks ago. You can imagine all the chatter which went on!  It was as if we were still back in Swansea!

With love and Best wishes,
Dilys and Robert


Dilys and Robert Davies

Sidmouth, U.K.

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