Remembering Anna Jane....

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Dear Laurie and Jenn,


I did take a walk on Sunday, June 28th and feel fortunate that I live outside the village of Woodstock (VT) where there is beautiful scenery and not much traffic - a great place to walk - to think -  to remember.


I found myself thinking about how long I had known your mother - and father, too.  We met at Westtown where we were teachers.  (I arrived at Westtown in the Fall of 1958; your father came in the Fall of 1959; your mother came in the Fall of 1960.)  We often spent some of our time-off together - sometimes canoeing on the lake, sometimes going off campus.


We kept in contact over the years - including visiting them in Nantucket.  Wish we could have gotten together more when they lived in Florence, but at least we stayed in contact with each other.


It was good to revisit memories of AJ on my walk - both the Westtown days and beyond - a positive and caring person who was ready - as you have said - to experience whatever adventure was ahead of her and make something meaningful of it.


I hope you are both doing well during this challenging time in our lives.


If you are ever in Vermont, please let me know; I would love to see you.


Love and Peace - Ellen

Ellen Satterthwaite

Woodstock, Vermont