Remembering Anna Jane....

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Dear family of Anna Jane,

When I think about life as an adventure, and Anna Jane, I would love to share my adventure of learning to be a parent with her. One of our regular daily life adventures is a walk on the beach, and as Julio, Camilo, Napo (the dog) and I walked the beach at sunset on Sunday, the 28th in honor of Anna Jane my mind kept wandering to our weekends together.


loved visiting Anna Jane, as I would often do coming or going from Maine. For many Marches my mom and I would meet at her home, an almost perfect halfway point, my mom’s trunk full of early spring pansies and chicken soup, lobster or crab in my cooler, and something delicious baking in Anna Jane’s

oven. We caught up, cozy by the fire, Anna Jane and mom knitting exquisite creations freshly fueled from a visit to Webs, while I would coo the cats. I would sleep in the four poster step-up bed under the eaves of the timber frame home, and in the mornings, drink coffee on the window seat. Anna Jane

would join me and we’d talk teaching, one of our shared favorite topics. Anna Jane always had an interesting point of view, wise words, and encouragement in response to any recent teaching challenge or opportunity we might discuss.

Those March weekends recharged me for the final push of the school

year, having hugged my mom and been spoiled by the love and kindness of both of those amazing women. Plus, when I arrived home in Maine I was treated to a new recipe in my inbox.


I am so grateful for Anna Jane’s presence in my life. For me, presence is a fitting word to describe her influence, as one her most impactful effects on me was her way of being; her generosity, her quick laugh, her warmth. Camilo, our new son, is just beginning to play and grasp. He enjoys the different

textures of a sweet little stuffed deer gifted from Anna Jane, the leather of hooves, the wool of the sweater, the plush of the inside of deer’s ears, and I tell him about the woman that gave it to him.


My heart is with you, her dear family, and Julio, Camilo, Napo, and I send you love and hugs,


Emily Dittmann, Julio Lopez Brenes, and Camilo

Nosara, Costa Rica

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