Remembering Anna Jane....

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Anna Jane Krebs is a woman whom we have thought of often in the last 20 years.  We only saw her in person on a handful of occasions, but we felt her warmth and hospitality throughout the years.   We were privileged to visit her house on Nantucket and meet her husband, Warren Krebs.  She was not home during our stay as she was caring for her mother in Maryland, but even from a distance she ensured superb hospitality as we took over her beautiful home for our first and only visit to Nantucket.  The Krebs were in the midst of building their beautiful home at Turkey Hill and we were delighted to share in the excitement of the planning process as Warren walked us through the plans. 


In the spring of 2003, I was able to meet her in person at a baby shower for Laurie that was hosted at the Rabinow’s home.  It was a treat to share in the joy of anticipation of baby Michael and to be part of that special family memory.  When Anna Jane visited Houston, she brought me special preserves from an amazing farmstand near Mount Holyoke called Atkins. I was  touched by Anna Jane’s generosity to remember me when she packed her suitcase.  We enjoyed visiting with her when Michael was a newborn and watching the joy on her face as she celebrated the birth of her first grandson with Laurie and John.  Shortly after our son was born in November 2003, we moved abroad and were away from Houston for several years.  However, we continued exchanging Christmas cards with the Krebs family for years.  We always liked hearing about Turkey Hill and her time with family.  


This weekend we are in Corpus Christi. While the beach here is not like Nantucket (lots of heat and humidity here!) it is fitting that we are enjoying an ocean breeze as we remember a beautiful lady who loved her family so very much. 


Angela, Erik and Mark Scott 

Houston, Texas

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