Remembering Anna Jane....

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Dear Laurie, Jenn and Family,



We decided to go over to Westtown School on June 28th because that's where many of our memories are of your Mother and your family and of all the good times we shared there.  We also went around to your old house and took a picture from afar.  The trees are so over-grown, it was hard to get a great picture since we didn't want to intrude on the property with all the signs saying the campus is closed.  We did the best we could. Being there brought back a lot of fond memories. 


I'm glad we got to know your parents as well as we did.  We thoroughly enjoyed our family get togethers and also our times with our children attending Westtown School.  Both your parents were very special people and devoted to their family.  That's what drew us to them and a nice friendship was formed.  We are very thankful for that time in our lives. One of the memorable times with your family was when we visited all of you in Nantucket.


Our family has continued in the Quaker School Tradition as our granddaughter, Olivia, is graduating from Wilmington Friends (hopefully on July 18th) and will be attending Villanova where she will study

Engineering (Bio-Medical Engineering to be exact.)


Thank you for including us in your Mother's Remembrance Celebration. 

We were honored.


Stay safe.




Lois, Tom, Vicki, Melissa and Family


The Fagan Family

West Chester, Pennsylvania

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