Remembering Anna Jane....


In the words of Helen Keller, “Those we have loved will always be a part of our lives.”  Anna Jane was a very dear friend, and I shall always remember her as my dearest friend.  I loved Anna Jane.


I remember when Bill and I met Warren and Anna Jane.  It was in the early 1970s before the Krebs family bought their house on Union Street.  The Artists’ Association of Nantucket had an outdoor summer arts fair where artists from Nantucket would gather and display their art.  We met on Straight Wharf.  Bill’s photography exhibit was next to Warren’s exhibit.  Bill and Anna Jane met first.  They were sitting side by side.  Bill was hooking a rug of the map of Nantucket, and Anna Jane was knitting.  Then Warren and I joined the picture a little later that morning.  I had planned on sending Anna Jane the rug that Bill was making that day.  I wanted it to be in Texas with her.  I did not get it there in time, and it will be going to Laurie now.


The four of us were good friends from that moment on, all through our years on Nantucket and beyond.


Laurie and Jenn, your mother was such a special person.  My love to you both and to your families.


Much love,



Florence Dickson

Middletown, Connecticut

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