Remembering Anna Jane....

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Mrs. Krebs, AJK, Mrs. K

A petite lady with bouncy white hair

Boundless energy and enthusiasm

Always kind hearted

A listener and helper

A knitter, like no other

An ever present smile

A doer

A spreader of joy

Oh, those crepes with strawberries

Frozen grapes, who knew?

Signature skirt and blouse

A gardener

A lover of books

Chocolate chip cookies for all

Simply put, a kind soul who touched the lives of so many




Ellen Gikas

Boxford, Massachusetts

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Mrs. Krebs,

I knew her as my English teacher and mother to one of my best friends. She was such a sweet woman who effortlessly gave so much of herself to others. Going to the Krebs' home on Union St. always felt so warm and inviting.


I fondly remember my senior year when Mr. and Mrs. Krebs invited Ellen and I to dinner with Laurie. It was my first time having fondue! We spent hours sitting around the table laughing and talking about our past and our futures. It’s a cherished memory I feel blessed to look back on.    I always felt so welcomed in their home.


Mrs. Krebs had boundless energy and was never without a smile. I really don’t remember her ever

sitting down.


Her ever present smile will be missed by all.




Christina MacVicar-Welch

Hanover, Massachusetts

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