Remembering Anna Jane....

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The morning dawned overcast and bleak,

As we began our walk on Sunday this week.

We stopped and sheltered as a storm came through,

But before we knew it the skies were blue.

Honoring Anna Jane right before our eyes,

A magnificent rainbow appeared in the skies.

As we witnessed green, yellow, purple and red,

There was Anna Jane nodding her head.

Her vibrant personality came through the rainbow you see,

Her magnificence came through to Harvey and me.

We thought how fortunate we were through the last twelve years,

Having part of our life now created a few tears.

When Andy married Jenn, Anna Jane came along,

That made our family bond ever so strong.

How fortunate we were having A.J. join our family tree,

How lucky for Andy, Jenn, Harvey and me.

No one could be more kind, generous or sincere,

Than our wonderful, loving Anna Jane dear.

To know her was to love her, her charm and warmth we do so miss,

Thinking of her with a virtual hug and a kiss.

A void has been created for all of us you know,

We’ll remember her always as we regretted to see her go.



                                              Henne and Harvey

Henne and Harvey Rapkin

Baltimore, Maryland

Henne rainbow.JPG
Henne sweater.JPG
Henne Orchids.JPG

Anna Jane was always sending us the most beautiful orchids and handcrafted original treasures that mean so much to us!

Henne  AJ Lucy American Girl.JPG

Anna Jane, Henne and Lucy visited the American Girl store in New York City and had an amazing day together!