Remembering Anna Jane....

DiCarlo spider plant.jpg

Hi, Laurie and Jenn. I cleaned Anna Jane’s house with my mom, Liz Collins, for several years. I wanted to send a couple of pictures of things that remind me of Anna Jane, who was such a unique person. 


The first picture (above) is a spider plant that AJ gave to me. She had an amazing green thumb. While I wouldn’t say my thumb is black, exactly, I will say that every day that passes and this guy is still alive is a gift. It doesn’t look quite as healthy as it did when it was in AJ’s care, but I do my best, and I think about her every time I look at it. 


The second picture is my daughter, Janine. The first time we brought Janine to AJ’s house she must have been four or five. 

At the time I wouldn’t have said a child that young can have active listening skills. But as soon as Janine met Anna Jane, she was enamored, and hung on her every word. I believe that kids and animals are excellent judges of character. Janine was responding to the kind, thoughtful character that Anna Jane embodied. 

Janine DiCarlo.jpg

I’m sorry the state of the world right now prevents friends and family from gathering in remembrance, but I hope the pictures and stories you receive will bring some comfort. 




Jennifer DiCarlo

Easthampton, Massachusetts