Remembering Anna Jane....

Anna Jane Krebs added so much happiness to my life. For as long as I can remember, I have wished that I could be more like her--from her selflessness, kindness, patience, style and grace, to her incredible talents, quiet strength, endless energy, and sense of fun. Aunt Janey was an incredible role model, and I was tremendously blessed to have her as my Aunt.


50 years and I still look back at my summers on Nantucket with Aunt Janey and the Krebs as some of the happiest and most special times of my life. I will always be able to conjure how good it felt to land at the Nantucket Airport and see Aunt Janey with her warm welcoming arms held wide. Now that I am a mom with children of my own, I have a whole different perspective on what it takes to have another child in the house. I am so grateful that Aunt Janey made that effort for me. All the little things she did meant so much. Teaching me to knit, making beautiful skirts for me to take home, helping me get just a little tan (hard to do!). All the beach picnics, duvets in the hammock, bike rides, warmed Bake Shop rolls, weekend morning crepes, and delicious meals that we spent laughing together in the kitchen nook, were so much fun. They were what life was all about—living, laughing, and loving! And everything was so beautiful. Aunt Janey’s modesty would not let her accept this compliment, but she had an effortless style. Her style combined with the kind way she moved through the world gave her a grace that very few people possess. So many of the lovely and thoughtful things Aunt Janey took the time to do, had a lasting impact on me and the things I grew to love. I loved the world that she created, and I will be forever grateful that she made me a part of it.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”— Maya Angelou. Aunt Janey made the people around her feel special and important. I don’t think there is any greater kindness you can show to other people. 


My thoughts of Aunt Janey are synonymous with feelings of deep gratitude. I will carry the warmth she shared with me throughout my lifetime. As Aunt Janey neared the end of her time with us, I felt a deep sadness that had a familiarity to it. It was a deeper version of the feeling I had as a child when our airplane would lift off from the Nantucket airport and I would watch the island, and the family I loved on it, fade into the distance. As much as I did not like that feeling as a child, and as awful as it felt this past winter, it is not a bad thing. That feeling of sadness only exists in contrast to the fun, and love, and joy of the time we shared. I loved every minute of it.


Thank you for all of it Aunt Janey.



Jil, Brendan, Grey, and Jett Peters

Bainbridge Island, Washington