Remembering Anna Jane....

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Dear Laurie,


Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing the plan for your website. Your Mom was such an amazing person. I would be honored if you added my words to the site.


I had the opportunity to spend an entire day with your mom and dad, and I will never forget it. It was back when Timberpeg did the first photographs of their new home in 2005. I was very young, fresh out of college, and had just started my career here. Their home was one of the first Timberpeg homes I visited. I was there to help the photographer and to get to know some of our customers.

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Little did I know that they would leave such an impression on me. Both your mom and your dad are two of the most incredible people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They found the good in everyone and everything. Their optimism and enthusiasm were contagious! 

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I wasn’t sure our paths would cross again but last winter, nearly 15 years later, I received the call from your mom with her news of selling her home. I figured she would not really remember me, we had met just that one time, but she specifically asked for me by name. And when I picked up, she started with “You probably don’t remember me…” But I most certainly did. I immediately recognized her voice and was so happy to hear from her! 


She mentioned that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it sounded like things were going well. She even mentioned that she was still trying to snow blow the driveway! She was sad to leave the home that she and your dad loved so but she was looking forward to being closer to her family.  


I was so very disappointed that I could not make it to the second photoshoot to see her again but I was thrilled that Gen, who now works here with me in marketing, would have the opportunity to meet her. As I knew would happen, Gen was also taken by your mom and could not agree more that she was a very special person. 


The day I spent with your parents has remained one of my favorite memories of working here at Timberpeg. It was truly a joy. They were so welcoming, genuine and loving. 


My heart hurt from the news of your mother’s passing in February. It is a rare occasion that we get to meet such kind and unforgettable people. My heart breaks that the world has lost such a truly beautiful soul.


You and your family are in my thoughts. I can only imagine the heartache you all feel.





Joelle Taylor

New London, New Hampshire 

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