Remembering Anna Jane....

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The tremendous energy and grace that she displayed could not help but convey her warmth and love for everyone, especially Warren, Laurie, and Jenn.  And then there are the grandkids.  The loves of her life.  Michael, Lucy and Nate were always in her thoughts and heart.   


As for our son Michael, I feel so blessed that he has always had such a close bond and relationship with Grandma AJ.  My mother passed when Michael was only 4 years old, so Anna Jane was really the only grandma he has grown up with.  The love between them is eternal.


The last two years have been difficult and emotional, but a blessing as well.  Moving Anna Jane to a new home here in Pearland near us allowed us to share in her journey, and live closely to her strength and conviction about life and its challenges and rewards.  As hard as it was to know that her time was limited, we were living by her mantra - “Everyday is a new adventure!”  And she embodied exactly that.  I learned a lot from the way she handled her last year with us.  She continued her focus on being concerned about the well being of everyone else, not dwelling on the hand that she was dealt.  Tremendous strength; willful determination. Loving to the end.


In her last couple of days, I made sure that she knew what a treasure it was to me for her to have shared her daughter with me, and how much she meant to me as a loving mother-in-law, and indeed, a very special friend and role model in numerous ways.


So many memories….. my mind flies through so much over the past few years.  How can you adequately describe Anna Jane.  Words are not enough, but again, warm, caring, loving, generous, strong, energy (non-stop!), devoted, welcoming, talented, a teacher, wife, mother, grandmother, and, one of the very best friends you could ever have in your life.


My heart aches, but then, it’s just to let me know she will always be there.


With much love,


John Hesse

Pearland, Texas

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There were many wonderful summers on Nantucket at the Krebs home at 57 Union Street, including beach outings, and trips into town.  

Walking around the streets and visiting the many small shops and stores was always a treat. 

Anna Jane always had plans for things that we could do, places to go, people to see.  Hospitality was in her genes.  She was always able to accommodate whatever was thrown her way. 

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Many memories of special Christmas holidays came from there.  And as always, filled with Anna Jane’s overflowing love and generosity.  She always made sure that everyone had exactly what they needed and wanted, and took care of every detail to make the holidays with all of us very special. 

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What can I say about a mother-in-law who is much more than a mother-in-law.   The welcome that I received when starting to date Laurie, and the inclusion following our wedding into the Krebs family, was just the first step into her world of generosity, warmth, caring, and loving.

Remembrances are everlasting, and in this case far too many to mention here.  How do you convey the spirit and feelings from over two decades of being the recipient of such good fortune to have known Anna Jane.

And then there is Turkey Hill…… a very special place that rose from the creative energies of Warren and Anna Jane.  Their dream home was a complete ‘from scratch” design, nestled in the wonderful tree scape of Turkey Hill outside of Florence, Massachusetts.