Remembering Anna Jane....


 We meet people in transition. Some are moving in, some are moving up and some are moving on. 


Anna Jane was moving on. She had completed a chapter in her life and was starting a new one. It was a big step, selling the home that she and Warren had built together, a home filled with the smell of freshly baked scones and lemon ginger tea. 


There are always some things left unsaid in those big moves but we knew from the first time we met that she wanted to grace the project that she undertook with Warren with a special blessing to the family that would henceforth call it home. 


We did what we could to find a buyer that could rise to the occasion, who would honor the love and commitment that went into creating this special place on Turkey Hill.


Anna Jane was the most caring and warm person we have had the good fortune of meeting. She had an indomitable spirit, a sincere love and pride for their joint project with Timberpeg, a strong and independent personality and the pressing desire to bless the sale with all the karma that overflowed from every detail inside and out. Her parting gift to the new owners was the Winterberry painting by Warren hanging over the fireplace. 


The sunshine coming through the wall of windows bringing this mis-en-scene to life was an inspiration for us to help close this chapter with as much resilience as Anna Jane.                   


Thank you,

Judy and Bob Rivard

Belchertown, Massachusetts

Winter Berries.jpg