Remembering Anna Jane....

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Dear Laurie & Jenn,


I first met your Mother when Linda Cooper introduced her to our knitting group. (The Chicken Sisters!)  I remember liking her right away.  She was a wonderful addition to our group!  As happens when friends spend hours together sharing life, we became close.  When Anna Jane spoke of her children and grandchildren, her face would light up!  Michael's fund raising for ”malaria nets” was something that was close to her heart.  She was very proud of his selfless efforts to improve the lives of others.  Michael also had a great love for soccer.  She would keep us up to date about all the success he was enjoying while playing the game.  Lucy and Nate (the little ones) were a delight to her also!  :o)  She looked forward to making extended visits with them while they were in Connecticut.  Reading and playing with them was a special a joy. Christmas was a big family occasion for Anna Jane!  Preparations were made weeks in advance for the amazing celebration.  I’m sure those memories will stay with you forever.


The Chicken Sisters often went to Anna Jane's beautiful home in Florence for lunch, knitting, and/or a birthday celebration.  As you well know, her special touches were everywhere and it was an expression of her friendship to us.  The table would be set beautifully, there would be a unique flower arrangement from her garden gracing the table, the lunch was healthy and delicious, and her cookies were out of this world!!  She didn’t just throw a party together...Hospitality was her gift!!  Life brings few friends our way like your precious mother!   


It was a privilege to walk and remember my very fine friend. Thank you for including me.  It was an honor to know and love her. 


What a joy it must have been to have a Mother and Grandmother who was so full of love for you all! 


I am sending hugs to both of you.




Kathy Adams

Tampa, Florida

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