Remembering Anna Jane....

Kaye Sherwood and AJ.JPG

June 29, 2020


Yesterday I went on a three-mile walk through the beautiful farm fields of Deerfield – Deerfield Academy’s backyard.  I walked this walk in honor of sweet Anna Jane.  We met over a year ago, when a mutual friend asked if Bruce and I could help with selling some of Ms. Anna Jane’s items, as she was getting ready to move to Houston to live closer to one of her daughters.  I never imagined what an impact our meeting would have on me. 


The months passed spring to fall and we made numerous trips to her lovely welcoming home in Florence.  Each time Anna Jane was more than gracious, kind, and welcomed Bruce and I as though we were family.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories that went with each item and hearing about her life in Pennsylvania and Nantucket. So many laughs. Over the months we continued moving items and keeping in touch. 


The fall came and we were so fortunate that she and Laurie were able to see our little place in Belchertown and show her our projects for opening up a small shop.  Sierra and Rocky (our dogs) loved meeting her and instantly made friends.  Her spark for life and her ear for listening helped me see life better if that makes sense – less complaining, work harder – be kinder – have more patience and really enjoy every little gift that life brings us – that is what I learned from Anna Jane.  One can wish for more time with someone – that is when we need to realize to relish the moments together and not worry about tomorrow for it really is today that we need to live. 


I think of Anna Jane, and I instantly smile. 


Kaye Sherwood

Belchertown, Massachusetts