Remembering Anna Jane....

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Laurie and Jenn,


We went to Westtown School to walk around the lake and to think about and remember your mom. We imagined her and your Dad walking through those same woods many years ago as they were courting. What a sweet thought that was. She meant so much to us. We continue to talk about her all the time and we think we always will. 


Since Sunday we have made it to Nantucket (arrived last night). We have unwittingly created the perfect pilgrimage for your mom, or at least the start of one. (Maybe we should have started out in Frederick MD and then made a stop at Elmira and then a quick jaunt to the UK first.) Now here we are surrounded by your dad's paintings and driving by the school that was your mom's second home. It is lovely to be here surrounded by them both. 

Our love to you both,

Kristin, Tom & Gabe

Kristin, Tom, and Gabe Wagner

Wilmington, Delaware