Remembering Anna Jane....

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Dear Laurie and Jenn,


One day in the Autumn of 1999, two people arrived at "Diantha's Garden Bed & Breakfast" in Southampton, Massachusetts. Almost immediately, I knew they were "kindred spirits," as Anne of Green Gables would say. After I showed them to their room, we chatted a little and then parted until breakfast the next morning. That was the beginning of a friendship, wonderful and rare.


Warren and Anna Jane were looking to purchase land in the Pioneer Valley on which to build their dream home. We felt so fortunate that our bed and breakfast became their “home away from home” from 1999 to 2004 as they found their land on Turkey Hill and then built their house, overseeing every amazing phase.  


I have one sibling, an older sister. I always wanted a brother and as our friendship grew, I knew Warren would have been a wonderful older brother. My sister and I are close, but very different. Anna Jane and I became friends and the roots went deep.  My husband, Jim, formed special bonds with both Warren and Anna Jane. I am the only one left to say how deeply they touched our lives.


My Granddaughter, Nora Gillian Cooper, and I planned a walk in the woods on June 28 to talk about Anna Jane and remember her. As we were heading out, we heard the not so quiet sound of thunder. After a little shift in our plans, we decided that maybe a beautiful garden near the bike path in Easthampton would be a safer bet in light of the approaching storm. We could see Mt. Tom from there and could see the clouds heading our way. We spent time there, talked, took pictures (well, Nora took pictures) and as we were heading back to the car,

raindrops began to fall, blessing us as we carried our memories with us. 


Laurie and Jenn, I have so much more that I could say about what your parents meant to me.  I hope that the three of us can get together one day soon and talk in person about all the wonderful memories.





Linda Cooper

Southampton, Massachusetts          

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