Remembering Anna Jane....

Let me start by saying that I wish we could have cloned Anna Jane. The world definitely needs more people like her. She could always make me smile with either her words or her actions.


One day when we arrived at her house to help her clean, she was ironing sheets (sheets!). When I questioned her as to why she was doing this she said, "Oh I'm just ironing the top that you can see when you fold it back". (as if that made a difference)  One day after her passing I was making my bed when I noticed that the top hem had a crease in it from the dryer. Well, I didn't get out my iron but I did grab the Downey wrinkle releaser and spray the hem and smooth out the crease. I stepped back to look at the smooth hem and thought, "Anna Jane would be so proud!" 


There were so many instances like this. One day when she was flitting around the house (the way she often did) doing various things in various rooms, I said to her "Anna Jane, do you ever just sit and maybe watch tv or something?" She looked at me with that wonderfully innocent look on her face and said, "No, do you?" I had no reply. 


She was just the best example of how good people could be and should be. I consider myself blessed for having had her in my life.


Liz Collins

Holyoke, Massachusetts


I looked forward every spring to seeing her daffodils at her back door, and it was so cute how after they bloomed she would tie them in little bundles!


Liz Collins 1.JPG