Remembering Anna Jane....

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Laurie and Jenn,

These photos are from the walk I took to celebrate and remember your mom on Sunday. At the lake near where my mom lives in New Jersey.  I think your mom would’ve liked it.

When I think of your mom, I always think of kindness and light. She was so considerate and welcoming. I was sad when your home on Union Street sold and she moved away. After your family left the island, I was always so honored and delighted when you and your mom would stop by and say hello at the park. I loved catching up with Anna Jane.


Your mom will always be remembered with Love. I’ll never forget her smile or the twinkle in her eyes. 


I was so lucky to call her a friend. 


Love to you and all your family, Laurie and Jenn. 


I’m sending you hugs.


May your mom’s memory be a blessing.


Marjory Trott

Nantucket, Massachusetts

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