Remembering Anna Jane....

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Laurie and Jenn,

What an amazing tribute to your mom!


My mom, Lois Fagan, shared with me the completed ‘project’ to celebrate the life of your mom and all I can say is BEAUTIFUL! (with tears streaming down my face).

It is odd, in the short time I knew you both and your parents, it is truly the kind heart of your mom I remember. Spending afternoons playing with Jenn at Westtown school I remember your mom’s snacks and baking and your dad’s artwork. Later in life, when I moved close to Westtown, I would ride my bike around the lake, up past the tennis court to the Krebs’ house to turn around and ride back home. The first ride I took having not been there in years I could not help but reflect on memories of your mom. Standing where wildflowers on the berm no longer were, it made me chuckle to think how much detail I remember of a home that I never lived in and was not family to. And why? Every time anyone in our family drives by The house behind Westtown we say, “there is the Krebs’ house”.

We made a visit to Nantucket a couple years after your family moved there. I don’t believe we have any pictures of the trip; however, the details of that trip are so specific in my mind. Your Dad gifted me with hand drawn note cards, your mom made us a lunch for a picnic on the beach, we borrowed bikes with baskets to ride around town and visit the gallery, and I really could go on and on.

Knowing our lives paths crossed many years ago brings a smile to my face to read and view such a beautiful tribute to your mom.

I feel the love. I know your parents are proud.


Be well and thank you again for sharing your beautiful tribute of your mom.

In friendship,


Melissa Fagan Billitto

Middletown, Delaware