Remembering Anna Jane....

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Laurie and Jenn,


Maybe because of the season and the several blooming flowers I saw on my walk, but I could envision your mom only outside, with several memories of watching her tend to the flower beds at 57 Union.  Her bright and wide smile was with me throughout my walk, beaming in the sunlight as she delighted in a seeming pleasant surprise that she encountered among the blooms.  I felt both the warmth of her with me and my sorrow of her loss…a strange combination.  


I also on my walk, while feeling the sorrow, remembered her resigned sigh, followed by her saying something like “well, Michael, I guess we just do what we can, right?”  Her perseverance and grit was bottomless.  I honor that.  I look to that quality as guidance for me today, as I look to do what I can.  


Attached are three pictures I took – a blooming Hydrangea, a blooming Hibiscus, and the bright blue sky above.  I saw some of your mom in each of them.  


Much love,




Michael Wagner

West Chester, Pennsylvania

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