Remembering Anna Jane....

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Today we have set aside a time to convey our memories of our dear friend Anna Jane Stickell Krebs. I have chosen my living room where I see her sitting on the sofa. We are so happy to be together after a loss of so much time. 


Such joy! After reuniting at a Frederick High School reunion we were in constant touch by phone. We had found that we had so much to share with one another. Our friendship took a much deeper meaning as we shared the joys and sadness of our respective lives. We always laughed. 


Anna Jane was a fountain of love and joy. She had bravely shared her loss of her husband and her joy in her daughters and their families. Her grandchildren were very precious and I loved hearing about them and their activities.

But here she was in the same room with me! We were both so happy. I still see her sitting there as we caught up and planned our time for our visit. We were going to see our friend Tish Duve in the Petersburg, Florida area. Tish had sent us explicit directions but we managed to make a wrong turn. We were laughing so hard and having such a good time with my husband, Barrie, AJ and I. Tears were streaming down our faces because we were laughing so hard. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed seeing Tish so very much.


Our relationship deepened as the years passed and our conversations became very important to both of us. We had no idea it was not going to last a long time.  We had so much we wanted to do together. Specifically, we were sure we were related and we planned to research it.


Michael, Lucy and Nate, your grandmother was a very loving and brave woman. She faced her last two years with grace and determination. She was so grateful for the care she received from her family. It was part of every conversation we had. She wanted to lessen the burden of the final sale of the house on Turkey Hill Road.  We rejoiced on the sale. And she was so appreciative of all her daughters' love and hard work.


As the end grew near, Michael filled her heart and soul with his love and kindness. She would refer to her grandson as “ my dear Michael.” Her family meant everything to her. She was exceedingly grateful for everyone of you.


It was such a great honor to be a small part of her life. She was a great friend who always put everyone she encountered first. She truly cared for us all and she will forever be missed.


I loved her dearly.


Until we meet again,



Michael Lynne Smiley

Punta Gorda, Florida

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