Remembering Anna Jane....

AJ and Nate.JPG


A poem by Nate Rapkin


I love grandma.

Will I ever be able to see grandma again?

I really hope heaven is real.

I don’t want that to have been the last time I saw her.

My heart hurts.


My memories of Grandma are so many

I miss her so much.


I will always remember …

Her famous chocolate chip cookies, eating them both cold and warm

Her sledding hill and building snowmen

Her Christmas trees, our Christmas joy, our family, Christmas fun

Lily and Mini hiding under the bed, cuddly and loving

Michael my cousin, friendly, always playful, gaming together

Grandma’s hugs, warm, full of love

Her house, too many memories to remember

Drinking hot chocolate together, warm and yummy

Baking fun with her

Her Love

Nathaniel Reuben Rapkin

Guilford, Connecticut & Barcelona, Spain