Remembering Anna Jane....

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We have many fond memories of Anna Jane.

Anna Jane was a lovely person and cherished friend. She and Warren moved to Florence shortly after we did. They built a beautiful home filled and inspired by love and art. We shared an interest in knitting and gardening but, Anna Jane’s favorite topic of conversation was her family. Whenever we spoke she always filled us in on what Laurie and Jenn and their families were doing.


She loved visits from Charlie and Katherine when they were young, and often invited them over for tea. She had a playhouse that she and Warren made up in their upstairs studio. Charlie remembers the mailbox on the outside of the playhouse. Every time they visited she would have mail waiting for them! And they were always invited to the kitchen island to share cookies that

would magically appear from the freezer and spin water in a toy blender.


Katherine’s favorite memory is of the candy canes she kept in a little red boot that sat on her shelf in the mudroom. This was big excitement for a 4 and 2 year old!

Tim and I often joked about the snowblower Anna Jane had that must have weighed many times her own weight. She would snow blow her whole driveway and when she turned the corner at the top I often thought I could see her feet leave the ground as she spun the machine and headed down! And that she probably had the cleanest woods in town. Tim would say “Anna Jane is in the woods raking again” or “Anna Jane is vacuuming the forest again”, and tying each

clump of withering Daffodil leaves into tight little bundles:)


One day I returned home to calls from the yard next door. “Hello, hello, are you there? We need help”, followed by a little laughter! As I walked through the woods I could see that Anna Jane and Warren were out on the upstairs deck. They had been out there a couple hours as they had locked themselves out! I went inside and freed them and we sat and talked and laughed! Anna Jane always had the most positive attitude no matter the situation!


We were blessed to have been her neighbor.

Tricia, Tim, Charlie and Katherine O'Brien

Rockport, Maine

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