Remembering Anna Jane....

I first met Anna Jane when she and Warren, and an adorable two-year-old named Laurie, visited Dean while he was stationed in England in 1966.  Dean and I were dating and married the following year.  I felt an immediate affinity for Anna Jane, and as sisters-in-law that bond remained strong for over 50 years.


As our families visited one another over the years and shared life’s milestones, the locations changed, but the friendship and shared laughter never did.  Our family gatherings on Nantucket were a constant in our lives, and, when older, our girls spent magical summer times with their favorite Aunt and Uncle.  It was Anna Jane and Warren who stepped in as surrogate parents when we were stationed in Australia and unable to take Jil to college.  When Dean and Anna Jane’s mother’s health began to fail, Anna Jane left her own home on a regular basis to share in her mother’s care.  When our granddaughter needed care at a hospital in Boston, it was Anna Jane who shared her beautiful home and transformed a difficult time into truly fond memories. 


From that first meeting in England, to the last visit we spent with Anna Jane in Florence, Anna Jane never changed.  Always giving, always wonderfully warm and caring, always positive and full of life --- we enjoyed so many happy times together.


As a sister-in-law, I won the lottery.


Robbie Stickell

Frederick, Maryland