Remembering Anna Jane....

Anna Jane and I become friends our freshman year in high school, and we quickly formed a “gang, so to speak” of mutual friends. We had a lot in common, all of us, and we enjoyed spending time together mostly on weekends. Much of our get togethers consisted of slumber parties, primarily at my house. We’d sleep, and I use the term lightly, on my living room floor and spend much of the night talking, eating, and making prank calls to our lesser friends. Everyone always requested  that my mother made inklings - a form of a donut - for breakfast. Your mother tried to revisit our slumber parties in Florida with Mikey, Tish , myself and her, but our plans always fell thru. She remembered those times of our youth with such fondness.


One of the fondest memories I have was that for many Christmases, Anna Jane would host a party at her house. Her mother had a large white table cloth on the dining room table and each of us would sign our name. Later, Anna Jane’s mother would permanently embroider over our names and each year we would sign again. Apparently I signed more than anyone because Dean tells the story of how many times my name is on that cloth.


Another very good memory I have is when your mother got her harp and began playing. I thought that was the best thing I had ever seen. I can still see her sitting with it in her living room.


Mikey had us all to her house many times, as did all our friends in our gang, but I vividly remember one time at Mikey’s when her mother had us make taffy. What fun and laughs we had when pulling that to make the taffy. Fortunately I don’t remember the mess I’m sure we made, but I still remember doing it.


Anna Jane and I lost contact with each other when we graduated from college, got married and started raising our families. There weren’t times to visit as we did on college breaks. Several years ago, I received a wonderful letter from Anna Jane and was so surprised to hear from her. She told me Tish and Mikey were living in Florida, two others I had totally lost contact with. She didn’t know then that I was living part time in Florida too, and  was so happy to be able to resume contact with friends. Your mother and I began phone calls and it was as if no years had passed us by. It was the same with Tish and Mikey and our friendships and never ceased.


I was so glad that I was able to visit with her at several of our class reunions. It seemed like old times. She was very good about keeping me informed about news of our other classmates


I will always think of your mother with her vibrance, her care for us all, and most of all her happiness and cheerfulness always.

Please take care, be safe, and keep in touch.


 Sara Ann Routzahn

Middletown, Maryland