Remembering Anna Jane....

Ruth Hadnot.jpg

Hi Laurie and Jenn,

It seemed appropriate in my walk to remember Anna Jane, that I take along my own little girl who is much closer in age to the girl I was when I knew Anna Jane best. Anna Jane was a loving, maternal force in my life as a young girl and I will always carry her memory. I strive to be as sweet of a mother as she was to you and the rest of our extended Westtown/Nantucket family.  I am wearing my favorite lilac bandana that was a party favor at one of Jenn’s wonderful beach birthday parties that I attended one year.  I remember especially your mother’s beautiful gardens and her mint tea and the amazing way that she could knit and do so many creative and industrious things. 


I am holding you all close in my heart today.


Much love,


Ruth Bacon Hadnot

Sanbornton, New Hampshire