Remembering Anna Jane....

Sam Wagner  A Walk With Anna Jane & phot

 A Walk with Anna Jane 

 With joy today, joining my daily walk, 

Anna Jane, with her radiant positivity. 

Companion in spirit, sharing many memories, 

Atop the Levee, aside mighty Mississippi. 


Though roots trace-back to beloved Westtown School, 

Most of my connections are from far-away Isle. 

Ample childhood recollections, the core of my Self, 

Conjuring bliss, thus sadness beguiled. 


AJ & Warren make a down-right remarkable pair! 

Cannot recall harsh words even exchanged. 

If ever a disagreement, their playful banter ensued, 

Proof of their symbiosis, maintained. 


From adoring couple, arose the most inviting home: 

An oasis at Union Five-Seven. 

When visiting, be it gallery or as friends, 

‘Twas a Nantucket pure slice of heaven. 


Laurie & Jenn, my sister-siblings of Summer, 

Provided dimension, beyond brothers compare. 

Playful adventures, exploring Coatue, 

Sun off the water, twinkling with glare. 


For me, much of Nantucket meant going “off-road.“ 

Being outside, under Wyeth-like cloud. 

Hundreds of miles logged riding on bikes 

Signs stating: No Motorized Vehicles Allowed. 


Sooooo many beach picnics, morph into a single, epic event: 

Grilling bluefish caught surfcasting with lures. 

The warm contentment of families combined 

Star gazing, our hands sticky from S’mores. 


In truth, I feel a degree of jealously; 

My brothers enjoying contacts beyond summer’s star. 

Michael stayed-over during his stage-acting gig, 

AJ joined Twags as cheer-squad for Char. 


Voicing my worry, wishing for more time 

Envious of my brothers’ deeper “sway.” 

I can imagine AJ’s sing-song response: 

“No Sammy, not better, just different,” she’d say. 


Closing my eyes, what is most quintessential? 

Besides her heart, large as the state of Texas. 

It is her bubbly, effusive, & room-filling laugh 

A magnet, drawing-in others, AJ as the nexus. 


So thankful to visit with you today, 

Your wealth of memories, I’ll always retain. 

Spirited to fair Island via mighty, muddy river. 

Love to you, dear Anna Jane. 


                                                              Sam Wagner (aka: Sammy) 

                                                          Sunday, 28 June 2020 

Sam Wagner V

New Orleans, Louisiana

Sam V and AJ beach.jpeg