Remembering Anna Jane....

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Dear Laurie and Jenn,


On my walk with Anna Jane on the 28th, we strolled (masked) thru the neighborhood, admiring gardens and laughing about the amazing coincidences that had kept us happily in each other's lives for over 50 years.


I grew up in Frederick and often met AJ while visiting a friend on Rockwell Terrace. Susanne and I were in awe of this beautiful, spirited teenager who was unfailingly friendly to the silly little girls we were. 


Many years later my family was living in Nantucket. We had purchased an old house on Union Street in hopes of giving it the TLC it needed, but decided instead to sell it as we would soon be moving back to the mainland. During a visit from my mother, we ran into our realtor on Main Street, who described the delightful couple who had just purchased our investment property. At her mention of the name Anna Jane, I told Mom how much I had always liked Anna Jane Stickell. Mom remarked that she was now living in Westtown, PA. "Why, so is this Anna Jane!" said the realtor. And thus a great friendship was born on Nantucket.


Warren, Anna Jane, Laurie and Jenn brought sunshine to the island, and it was a joy to watch them renovate the house into a lovely gallery and home.


Asking Anna Jane to be Godmother to my baby girl, also named Anna, was one of the best moves I ever made as a mother. Anna Jane loved my Anna deeply and continued to share her values, sense of humor, and generous spirit with her always. I am well aware that the similarity of their personalities has much to do with Anna Jane's loving friendship.


At the neighborhood yard sale prior to our departure from Nantucket, AJ brought over lovely wicker furniture, originally from their front porch on Rockwell Terrace. We bought it and delivered it to our new house: on Rockwell Terrace, exactly opposite Anna Jane's family home! For years this proximity allowed us long visits whenever the Krebses were in Maryland, and for little Anna to develop a friendship with a new cookie-baking friend: Anna Jane's mother, Mrs. Delaplaine. 


Being Anna Jane's friend meant delightful phone visits, with her breathless voice describing thrilling new adventures - a dream house in Florence, the many activities of the adored girls and eventually grandchildren, and later her acceptance of great sadness. She met life head-on, with enthusiasm and glee, and we miss her and Warren terribly - but hope very much to keep you in our lives. Thank you, Laurie and Jenn, for sharing the incomparable Anna Jane with us.


Much love to you and your families,



Shelby Conley

Washington, DC

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